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Divi – the most flexible and powerful version yet amazing flagship WordPress theme builder designed by Elegant Themes – has been upgraded to v2.4 with tons of new features and feature updates.

Revamped Customizer. The changes include theme gutter, website content, sidebar width control, and body and header text settings enhancements. New footer text styles and phone and tablet styles have been added as well. Over 100 new global module settings, a major step forward towards increased versatility.

The New Divi Library. User-customer layouts can be stored in the library, and even more importantly, sections, rows and separate modules can be imported, stored, exported, and even edited within the library, and elements can now be accessed from either the library or the page builder.

The New Page Builder Interface. The Divi Page Builder user interface has not only been upgraded, it has essentially been reinvented. Several new display features have been incorporated, ease of navigation has been improved, and the interface has been also been modified to take advantage of the page builder’s enhanced integration with the new library and upgraded module settings, plus the addition of the post building capability.

New Layout Possibilities. The enhancements include improvements in the way modules and elements can be easily customized, the fact that the layout elements, modules, and components that have been customized can be stored and retrieved in and from the library, and even edited within the library. Layouts can now be created that are more versatile and adaptable than ever.


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$60 - $69

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Elegant Themes

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June 20th, 2015

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