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Arthemia Premium WordPress Theme by Colorlabs Project

Arthemia Premium is an excellent premium wordpress theme created by Colorlabs Project. Arthemia is unleashing the power of WordPress to become a simple-yet-powerful CMS (content management system) with the automatic thumbnail generation feature and theme administration panel. A fresh and awesome blend of a blog and a magazine, for you.

Main Features

  • Theme Administration Panel.
    You’ve got no idea about PHP, (X)HTML, and CSS? Don’t worry about all the complicated commands and manage everything from the theme administration panel. You can assign images for header logo, bookmark (favorite) icon, categories for headline and featured section, categories to be shown in the category bar, latest posts from each category, thumbnail sizes, show/hide post excerpts, and all.
  • Category Color Assignment.
    You can assign colors to each of your blog category and stand out with your own styling. Colorful, duotone, grayscale, you name it. And again, no need to edit the stylesheet template. You can style the color to match your liking or simply customize it to match your logo color tone. Simply add the Web hex color values to the category color setting in the theme admin panel and, voila, your website, a new look.
  • Auto-Thumbnail Your Old Posts.
    Seriously, please forget the time-consuming thumbnail generation with Photoshop, forget WordPress Post Custom Fields. Thumbnails across the theme will be assigned and generated automatically as requested, for every image sizes. You don’t need to spend your valuable time creating the thumbnail images but purely focus to your website content. Both automatic and via-custom-field assignment are available.
  • Banner & Adsense Management.
    You can configure ad banners on your website. Simply upload, assign, and add hyperlinks. In addition, you can get your Google Adsense banners displayed, hassle-free. Complete your Adsense account information in the theme administration panel and your Adsense will be on your website, in one click. Provided ad spots are 728×90 leaderboard banner, 468×60 banner, and 300×250 rectangle banner.
  • Easy Customizations.
    You can also customize the look of your pages. Show or hide headline spoilers, colorful category bar, category spoilers, and video/random post gallery with a single click. If you don’t need any of those features, simply turn it off to suit your liking. The theme panel is designed to make all users, both novice and advanced users, experience the ease of customizations without getting any CSS/XHTML problem.
  • Google-friendly Website.
    In addition to the integration of Google ad service: Adsense, Arthemia Premium provides you another in-depth integration with Google Analytics, the best and the most reliable web statistics, and with Google Feedburner, a feed and podcast management, giving you a better control of your RSS feeds. Feeds are automatically redirected and Google Analytics code is optimized to give you the best performance.

Preview and Purchase

Single Site Licence: $70
Multi Site License: $140
Developer License: $240